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Here are some of our many Success Stories

Extrusion-Link are a small family owned business and are undergoing a period of rapid growth and diversification.  We are investing in new premises and production line.  The costs of the project escalated and, although the company is enjoying a very successful year in terms of sales turnover we found ourselves with a shortfall in investment capital.  We were reluctant to tie up working capital which could impede ourFinance Success Stories UK existing business and were concerned that our investment project would grind to a halt.  Because much of the equipment being purchased is either one off special builds or refurbished, normal banks were not prepared to lend against it.

Fiducia were recommended to me and although they are a local business I had not come across them before.  Nina Teeder visited me to discuss what the options might be and within a few days she was able to propose several options. We had funding in place very quickly.  The really important thing for us was the rapid turnaround from making the initial enquiry to receiving the funding, which was probably just under 1 month and only a few days before Christmas.

This has been a huge help to us in terms of keeping the project on track and indeed finishing it at all.

Mr V

  • Gained a £30,000 unsecured loan
  • A retail wholesaler selling clothes to New Look, Debenhams,, ASOS, Tesco’s and many more
  • He needed the money to purchase more stock to increase the supplies going out to the distributors
  • Fiducia was able source funding for him to help his business grow.

Mrs S

  • Has an established chain of fish and chip shops in Lincolnshire area
  • Has purchased her 3rd premises but requires £100,000 to convert (currently a pub)
  • Raised funds through Funding Circle in 6 hours!
  • As unsecured loan no valuations or solicitors were required therefore client had the funds within a week
  • She is already looking to purchase a 4th.

Mrs B

  • Looking to move from her rented premises into a bigger space to expand business
  • £80,000 purchase price
  • 80% loan agreed
  • Barclays
  • This move will put her in a better position on the high street and allow her to get £6000 of stock currently held in the backroom on show
  • She runs a second hand game shop.

Company A

  • Clients were in the process of completing the build of 3 new flats, the building was water and weather tight and needed the internals completing
  • Clients wanted to raise funds from the unencumbered site to purchase more property
  • Raised 70% for them through Shawbrook giving them £300,000 to keep building their business
  • These funds allowed them to purchase a new investment property and also complete the development of another site quicker, speeding up their cashflow
  • Once the flats were complete the clients sold and cleared their mortgage with no redemption fees.

Company B

  • Have portfolio of 18 properties mortgage with Lloyds, they wanted to reduce their payments and increase the lending to the maximum giving them more cash to buy more but were conscious of increasing their loan repayments as they used the surplus rental to live on  
  • We were able to secure 75% LTV with Shawbrook on a 10 year interest only facility
  • This gave them over £200,000 to purchase more properties
  • This meant the clients were able to increase their portfolio which in turn gave them a better income.

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